Chromosomal Microarray Genetic Testing

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Best-in-class Chromosomal Microarray genetic testing for children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay

FirstStepDx PLUS is a Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) designed to identify an underlying genetic cause in individuals with autism spectrum disorder, developmental delay, and intellectual disability. Lineagen makes genetic testing easy and accessible for everyone. Your patient's sample is collected with a painless, non-invasive cheek swab, and Lineagen handles all of the insurance correspondence followed by delivery of a thorough, yet easy-to-read report.

FirstStepDx PLUS Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) genetic testing service includes:

  • Most comprehensive interpretation and reporting of genetic diagnoses for children with developmental delay, including autism spectrum disorder
  • Personalized genetic counseling and clinical support
  • Comprehensive support of the insurance process
  • Detailed clinical report with extensive medical references and an easily understandable, focused report

Comprehensive interpretation and reporting of FirstStepDx PLUS CMA leads to a high detection rate in clinically relevant results

How can FirstStepDx PLUS help my patients?

FirstStepDx PLUS can detect an underlying genetic cause of autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay, which means opening up new treatment options and pointing towards necessary evaluations. A Chromosomal Microarray for children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay can pinpoint one of hundreds of known conditions that may be responsible for your patient's clinical features. New management options and treatments should be considered, including evaluations for co-occurring medical issues, and recurrence risk for the family.

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What makes FirstStepDx PLUS different?

Best-in-class Chromosomal Microarray Genetic Test

FirstStepDx PLUS Chromosomal Microarray (CMA) genetic testing for children with autism spectrum disorder and developmental delay is optimized to increase detection rate, as well as rule out many other conditions.

  • High detection rate
  • Rules out hundred of genetic conditions
  • Non-invasive DNA collection produces superior clinical results - improved detection of certain mosaic conditions3

Comprehensive Clinical Support

  • Pre- and post-test genetic counseling
  • Individualized patient reports with a dedicated provider section and an easy-to-read family section
  • Reports include a comprehensive list of relevant literature for optimal result interpretation

Personalized Insurance Assistance

  • Lineagen handles all insurance correspondence, from pre-authorizations to appeals
  • Expert team of insurance specialists
  • Various assistance programs and payment plans and other financial assistance options

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Easy to understand
test results report

Lineagen helps healthcare providers and patients understand their test results.

Our genetic counselors explain the test results in a thorough, but easy-to-understand report. Even if this is your first genetic test, you'll have no trouble understanding the results and advising parents on their options.

The report also includes a section for parents and, if there are any questions, you have unlimited access to our genetic counselors.

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Lineagen handles every step of the insurance process for you.

For some healthcare providers, the most challenging part of ordering a genetic test is the long process of authorizations and appeals.

Lineagen takes the insurance burden from providers and their staff by assisting in every step of the process. This way providers can focus on direct patient care.

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